Jordan is a minor character from the Disney/Pixar film Inside Out and the short Riley's First Date?. He is voiced by Ben Cox.


Inside Out

Jordan only appears at the end of the film when he bumps into Riley, who is about to enter the ice ring. He drops his water bottle and Riley picks it up for him. Inside his mind his own emotions freak out, with a large klaxon alarm shouting "GIRL!", because he is scared of girls.

He is also the student called on by the teacher in her respective clip during the credits, confirming he and Riley have the same teacher and go to the same school.

Riley's First Date?

Jordan arrives at Riley's house to take Riley skating with some friends, but Riley's parents think that he is taking Riley on a date. Jordan goes in the house and is closely watched by Bill Andersen. Jordan and Bill Andersen sit in silence, with all of Jordan's state with emotions distracted. The two eventually begin talking and learn that they have both played in bands and like AC/DC. Bill Andersen eventually lets Jordan leave with Riley.


Jordan has fair skin, a narrow head, brown curly hair, blue eyes, and wears a black jacket and blue denim cap with a symbol on it. His jacket has two blue stripes down the sides. He also wears brown pants and black shoes, as do his emotions.


He likes rock and roll, which is what caused him to make friends with Bill Andersen as Bill likes rock and roll, too. Sometimes Jordan spaces out, because of his emotions neglecting the console and instead skateboarding and hating on each others' hats. Because he was spaced out, he was not intimidated by Bill. He is also scared/confused by girls as evidenced by his emotions freaking out with the alarm saying "GIRL, GIRL, GIRL!".


His emotions all wear brown leggings and the same jackets, hair and hats as Jordan. They are all scared of girls, even Joy. His Headquarters is a bit untidy with Memories scattered all over the place, and a few arcade games and a skating ramp featured in the headquarters, which the emotions sometimes use instead of the control panel, causing Jordan to space out.


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