Cool Girl is one of Riley's classmates from school.


The "Cool Girl," is the one with the blue hair.


She is a Caucasian girl of average height, who wears yellow eye shadow, earrings, a purple jumper, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. She also has medium-length black hair with a blue stripe dyed on it. Disgust thinks of her as "cool" because she likes her fashion sense. Joy wanted her and Riley Andersen to be friends, but Disgust and Fear thought that it was too risky and that Riley might make a fool of herself.


The emotions have the same hair as the girl does. Her emotions (except Joy) see themselves as "frauds" and the Sadness thinks of being cool as "exhausting", but the Joy says that they are wearing eye shadow. From this we can say that the girl is insecure and a fraud, but actually enjoys the eye shadow. Anger's got pink lips.


  • Her Sadness describes being cool as "exhausting"
  • It is unknown what her name is.
  • She has black hair with a blue stripe dyed on it, as do her Emotions.
  • She wears blue jeans, yellow eye shadow and a purple jumper.
  • She has brownish-green eyes.